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The Bed Bug Problem


Bed bugs may seem small but they are a huge problem!

The increase in travel and the changes in pesticide regulations have increased their numbers drastically. They can infest hotels, homes, hospitals, schools, businesses and even vehicles. It only takes one pregnant female hitching a ride on a suitcase, backpack, or shoe, to start an infestation. Bed bug females can lay between 300-500 eggs in their lifetime. Bed bugs are drawn to the carbon dioxide on our breath, and our blood is what allows them to thrive and multiply.  They are able to lay dormant and survive without a blood meal for up to 15 months. People react differently to their bites and some people don't notice the bites at all which can make early detection even more difficult.


Pesticides are not strong enough to penetrate bed bug egg casings. In order to fully eradicate them, costly  ($1,500 +) heat treatments are often needed. Bed bugs can avoid the heat by hiding in piles of clothes or other items.  If even one bed bug survives the entire heat treatment may need to be repeated. 


 A bed bug infestation can lead to poor reviews of businesses and lost revenue. For homeowners and residents the emotional distress and the headache of preparing a home for a heat treatment can be daunting and time consuming.  They are a big problem!




The old adage  “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true when it comes to bed bug detection– the sooner they are discovered the greater chance there is at preventing an expensive infestation. 


Dogs can smell well over 10,000 times better than humans and are able to smell bed bugs and viable eggs even in smaller quantities. Beagles in particular have 225 million scent receptors and can inspect a standard room thoroughly in less than 10 minutes, which is significantly less time and disruption than a pest control technician. Our dog has the ability to determine the exact location of the bed bugs, which makes her a cost effective solution because you can avoid expensive heat treatments in adjacent hotel or apartments.

Frequent inspections are the key to prevention. With Barker St. Detectives, you have a discreet handler and a friendly beagle, that are less indicative of a pest control problem. Let our pin point accuracy in detection save you time and money. 

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